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Dojo Software Webinar: Sunday March 19th, 2022 at 12:00pm EST
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Situation 1:

A mother calls and wants to
register a trial training for her 6
year old son on Friday for your
children’s karate course. How
exactly are you currently booking
this trial training?


Situation 2:

Your trial training, which took part
in a children’s karate trial course 4
days ago, had contact with many
other children there. Now the
parents call (remember, we are 4
days later) and tell you that their
child has Covid.


Situation 3:

Did someone forget to check-in?
Was he running late? Has someone
forgotten their membership card?
Has someone forgotten to enter the
trial training?
All of this will no longer exist.
And if it does happen to you …


Situation 4:

A trainer at another location has an emergency and is unable to teach their classes. How do you know which classes they are scheduled for this day? How do you contact these students if necessary? How is this solved in a timely manner?

Dojo software does more for you and your company! These problems can be avoided or easily resolved with Dojo Software at your fingertips. Take advantage of our veriety of tools to make it easier to focus on what’s important to you.

So if you own a martial arts school, then definitely register for the free Dojo webinar and convince yourself of the app there. We will explain all functions to you and answer every question.
On top of that, we’ll give you a few sales tricks from one of the best sales trainers in Europe so that you can sell more memberships than your competition in the future!

Register now and be part of it!

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