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Our software brings optimized features for your martial arts school. You can manage your entire studio online – from registering new students to course management and employee management.

Set the Location

The “Location” feature is particularly relevant for dojos with multiple
locations. Here you can add and manage each location. This
gives you a structured overview of each one.

Manage Courses

Under “Manage courses”, you can enter and manage your various
courses. You have the option to add the trainers so that they also
get a more detailed overview.

This tool gives you a structured overview of the schedule and content
of your courses

Manage Trainers

Under “Manage trainers” you can add your trainers and assign them
to courses and their tasks. You then have the option of managing the
trainers online, giving you the opportunity to get an overview of the
courses, students and times.

Training Management

Under “Trainings” you can see which courses you are currently
offering in your school and which trainer is teaching them. If you have
several locations, you can also see which course is taking place and which trainer is teaching at each of your locations. If you click on a specific course, you
will see further details, such as training times.

Manage Products

Under “Products” you can list all your products (suits,
belts, equipment, etc.) that you sell in addition to your workout.
“Products” is your inventory control system. You can indicate which
size you have of which product and how often. Then you can specify
the stock quantity from which you would like to receive a reminder
that you need new products. You will never again be unable
to find a suitable uniform for a new student.

Manage Memberships

In “Membership” you will see a list of the memberships that you offer.
In our demo version, these are the memberships bronze, silver and
gold. Of course, these only serve as an example. Here you simply
enter all the membership options that you offer in your school.

Manage Belts

In this tool you will see a listing of the belts that you offer for your
courses. You can also see what rank the belts have and how many
training courses must be completed before students are allowed to take
the respective belt exam.

Manage Bookings

“Bookings” gives you an overview of your monthly income. So there
is a detailed overview of your monthly bookings.

Manage Trial Trainings

In this tool you can see all of your trial trainings. You can click on the
trial training and thus see details of the interested party.

Find the Right Package

$0 / month

Perfect for young companies

< 50 members
1 location
2 trainers
10 courses
5 products
10 belts
1st month free
thereafter $79 / month *

Perfect for growing companies *

> 50 members
2 location
5 trainers
20 courses
10 products
20 belts
Unlimited direct debits
Martial Arts Chain
1st month free
thereafter $99 / month *

Perfect for small chains *

> 150 members
5 location
10 trainers
40 courses
20 products
40 belts
Unlimited direct debits
Martial Arts Guru
1st month free
thereafter $299 / month *

Perfect for large chains *

unlimited trainers
unlimited members
unlimited courses
unlimited products
unlimited direct debits
unlimited dunning run
unlimited to-do lists
10 years of free upgrades

* Plus Onboarding and special requests

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