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Digitize schools.

Attract members.

Manage members.

Increase sales.

Never pay too much money for software that doesn’t work again!

Our software brings optimized features for your martial arts school. You can manage your entire studio online – from registering new students to course management and employee management.

Our Services

Admin mode

In admin mode, you can access all
of our features and manage the
studio, your trainers and all
administrative tasks.

Trainer mode

In trainer mode, the trainer can
manage and check in the students.
they get an overview of all their
students and all relevent information.
  • No more paper
  • Unbeatable price
  • ERP system
  • Trial training
  • Backend office
  • Employee to-do's
  • Check in
  • Statistics

Why Customers Rely on Us

Thorsten Strebe, K3 Wuppteral

“Thanks to Dojo software I save a lot of money and time.
I can concentrate on other things and advance my martial arts school.”

Wolfgang Schmidt, Kien martial arts

“I needed a tool that could map my entire range of different martial arts including belt exams.
Dojo Software does not only do that, but much more.
I am thrilled!”

Kim Mark Herzog, Fighting Heart

“Dojo Software is the best management software for martial arts schools.
With Dojo Software I have covered all processes in my martial arts schools.”

Convince Yourself!

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